B is for Brew Boos

B is for Brew Boos

Great Scott! It's the Brew Boos. Our first series was started with these fantastic anthropomorphized coffee drinks. The great news is that you don't have to go back in time to get your hands on one of these adorable characters; you only need to stop by their collections page

The world may feel like the earth's gravitational pull has gone awry, but let the brew boos cheer you up and take away some of that heavy feeling. May I recommend sitting with Chammy, the Chamomile KitTea, as we call her? She is ready to calm you down with a purrfect tea, just as she did for our Layla Latte. Chammy was originally just an Easter egg in Layla's drawing, but we liked her so much that Shawn took to the sketchpad and created her in a solo design. Then, being so popular, that design was requested in a youth shirt, so she even claims a rare youth design! Proof that we're open to suggestions if you have a character you want in a different form (youth, sweatshirt, larger or taller - let us know, and we will try to figure it out). If you can't get enough of KitTea, she also appears in the collection with the other Brew Boos with the mug and the cell phone case

If you would go 88mph instead, Andy Americano or Freya Flat-White might be more your speed as the most athletic of our Brew Boos. Their motto: “Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads.” If being more free-spirited is your jam, check out Chelsey Chai. That isn't to discount the amazingly authentic Billie Black, the class-act Carina Cappuccino, or the trend-following (very Minnesota) Michael Matcha.  

As you look through the fantastic designs, you might wonder: Didn't those cups ever have any hair? And the answer is no, not really. Shawn attempted hair but settled that it looked awkward after a few mullet-like attempts.  If you want to meet each character up close and personal, it won't even take 1.21 Gigawatts to try. We highlighted each of the Brew Boos in their own blog posts: Michael Matcha, Andy Americano, Billie Black, Chelsey Chai, Carina Cappuccino, Freya Flat-White, Layla Latte, Kittea Chamomile



Sarah's submission for the Alphabet Superset "B" highlights the Brew Boos with a "Back to the Future"-inspired 80's theme. The highlight image was created in Canva. That's about all folks, so I better make like a tree and get outta here!

(Back to the future references: 9. Can you find them all?) 

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