Chammy KitTea Purrrrs Right into your Heart

Chammy KitTea Purrrrs Right into your Heart

We finished our first set of Brew Boos!! Shawn finished the set of delightful characters with the crowning achievement of Layla Latte on her sofa, reading her book and petting her adorable cat. But then, I fell in love with the adorable and charming pet he cleverly created - a cat that is also a portion of calming chamomile tea. And then our daughter thought she was great and wanted her own Chammy. 

Somehow when thinking about this character, I think about the children's book "Love is my Favorite Thing." Our daughter loves this book, and I've read it many nights in a row. In it, the dog named Plum, loves being called Plummy. So it seems just right to imagine that Chamomile loves being called Chammy. I hope you enjoy her as much as we do. 

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