Chelsey Chai Would Like to Be Your Friend

Chelsey Chai Would Like to Be Your Friend

Allow me to introduce you to the amazing Chelsey Chai. She sees everything from a different point-of-view. She likes to shop for unique accessories for her equally fabulous antiquing finds. Always proud, but also nervous some will think shes too quirky; she puts herself out there, anyways. Always up for an adventure—the more outlandish the more raring-and-ready she is.

The chai latte has a special place in my heart. I love a good chai, and it was really the chai latte that was the gateway for Shawn to even start enjoying coffeeshops at all. Shawn drew Chelsey Chai with a few nods to my love of Chai - the camera around her neck for my love of photography and her bumblebee earrings that match a pair of wooden bee earrings he got me a few years ago. Even the color of her mug is one of my favorite colors. I know I'm going to be keeping her near my heart for a long time and I hope you do too! 

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