A cartoon style drawing of a purple cup of black coffee with a face on it attached to a human-like body

Billie Black - The One and Only.

You know how people say that art is a reflection of the artist? Well, with this one, Shawn really did put himself, and a bit of myself into it. There are a couple of interesting things about Billie that you might not know by looking. Billie's "face" or cup texture and color is based on my very favorite mug. Maybe you have a mug like this one, the kind that feels just so perfect to hold in your hands: the handle is just the right width and swoop, large enough that you can fit all of your finger in it without squishing but not so big that it hangs loosely, the texture is almost soft but the weight is sturdy enough that you can hold down some serious papers with it. That's Billie's mug. Billie sports a progress pride heart sewn onto their jacket which matches the one on my phone and the one that sits in my office. Billie is also wearing my favorite pair of Chuck Taylors, only mine are low tops, Shawn is the one who wears the high tops in our family. Speaking of Shawn's Easter eggs - Billie has two visible piercings, and the nose piercing matches Shawn's septum piercing, with the same jewelry. There are many ways that people put themselves into their art, but with Billie, it's all about the heart of the matter.
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