S is for Superset

S is for Superset

Almost 6 months ago we started in on a project to create an artwork a week for 26 weeks with 2 or 3 planned breaks in the schedule for holidays. Created by @Struthless to help promote creativity, we have been adventering to create new products for our store and new ways to highlight what it is we are doing with our store, the beloved Boom Shark Designs. While we are not on the exact schedule to finish at the point we originally assigned to ourselves, with the community of the Superset participants, we are still working towards the goals but allowing for the moments when life gets in our way. As with many others, we're still in the game! The Alphabet Superset started with 10,000 creative types jumping on board to get motivated by using constraints to create 26 new things in their style chaning only one part each week - the letter of inspiration. My goal was to use 80's inspiration, a limited neon palette and create a new blog post each week. Then that inspiration focused on a movie so that I could try to quote it as many times as possible, just because it was fun. I have definitly not always stuck to my own guides here but for the most part, I'm pretty happy with my effort - progress not perfection. 

So as we near the ending letters, and as we come up on our one-year anniversary it is a great time to reflect on how far we have come, what we achieved and what we hope for in the future. 

Shawn had the much harder job for the superset - he continues to be creating a set of animals that are part of our cubic zoo. They have been so much fun! The newest uploads are the Electric Eel, the Ghost Crab, the Honey Bader, and the Puteketeke. We even had a special request for a kid's size of the Ghost Crab so there is a Kid's Ghost Crab!

You should check out the whole series, it is really fun. 

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