E is for Electronics

E is for Electronics

Back in July, we had a series of daycare-related illnesses that put the shop production on hold. It was chronicled in the post I should have titled "You Do for Family." Well, last week had us back in that same pattern again; first, child one went down, then adult 1, then child 2 went down hardest, and last, adult 2. This morning, Child 1 was sniffling again, so I am praying we aren't going to see the same thing repeat this week. Timing-wise, last week worked out well enough in the superset challenge because last week was a bye-week on the master plan. I was hoping to use it to catch up on the non-alphabet work for the shop and still post a new blog entry, but instead - we march onward with week E, with gratitude that I'm not behind! 

E is for Electronics and ET. I've seen a lot of artists talk about the tools of their trade, and if you love learning the details of budget digital equipment needed to take hand-drawn art to a digital medium, this post is for you. Our starting electronics were just our own phones. If you have to phone home, you need a phone. And if you have a phone, you should deck it out in a good case like this one: the original Brew Boos. I'm a big fan of the Google Pixel phones myself, but we've opted to offer every option that this heavy-duty case comes in. NEW for October - the Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, etc. cases are now available in all three case designs. Enough about the fruit, though; we actually used the Pixel phone to take the very first of Brew Brew's photos to create the digital image for our Michael Matcha Tee. The phone was the first technology to touch the hand-drawn art originally, but now we use my Sony Alpha. That is one powerhouse little camera. We bought it back before we had kids, but it still works perfectly. I just wish I had taken more time to use it to capture everything the kids do. Although I'm sure if you took a photo of Ollie eating his yogurt, you would wonder, "Is it a pig? Because it eats like one." as he rejects most utensils in favor of his hands. But I digress; with the camera, I usually photograph the image with a color-correcting card because the lighting I use is unpredictable. Sometimes morning, sometimes evening, sometimes shadow, sometimes full sun - each has its own color shift that we want to make sure doesn't make its way into the final production. But it's the first step that makes the next part so much easier. While there are a few more Electronics involved, it seems like this is enough for today.  I think the last thing to say for today is to Be Good! Come back next week, I'll . be. right. here. 

This has been submission E for the Alphabet Superset challenge. References to E.T. The Extraterrestrial, yet another classic 1980s movie - 4.

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