Daycare and Diseases

Daycare and Diseases

Time for a momentary family update: There is a great line in the older family sitcom "The Middle" where Frankie Heck takes a big sigh and says, "You do for family." It's a line that Shawn and I try to live by - family always comes first. So, with two kids in daycare, sometimes the daily challenge is not just trying to get out the door but to manage who is sick, and when. Thankfully it has been the usual, not-so-fun but not-so-dangerous variety of childhood illnesses but it takes a toll none-the-less. We love working on our art, our products and figuring out how people might be able to enjoy them as well but family always comes first. So if it seems slow-going all I can say is "we feel you!"  - Hope you're staying healthy and happy!! 


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