M is for Monsters in my Project

M is for Monsters in my Project

I started talking about the launch of the newest series last blog post but I really wanted to get into it today. I think this is just the most creative series of monsters we face everyday that now have faces! The Monsters in my Project

Lets just focus on one - The Scope Creep Monster. That's right. Your project managers worst nightmare. What started out as a simple task has now become a behemoth! Our Scope Creep asks you "While you're updating that color, could you add VR?" and is holding some of the tools of it's trade: "unclear requirements." It may seem harmless, but scope creep is the leading cause of missed deadlines, rising costs and worse quality output. It will slow you down until you are Artex in the swamp of sadness. Now I'm mixing my 80s movies. Speaking of, maybe I should have used the Money Pit - now there is a whole movie of the dangers of Scope Creep, although, essential pieces might not quite be the purpose of scope creep! 

The real best parts of this are the details, namely the metal looking periscope eyes and the drool on the tongue. 

Wear it on a T-Shirt or take it with you on a sticker

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