K is for KitTea

K is for KitTea

Chammy KitTea is a favorite character. She is charming and calming with her flowery presence. She has had her own featured blog post before but now, we highlight her again because she is the face of the newest piece of Boom Shark Designs work - earrings. They just arrived in the mail and they could not be cuter. We need a few more pieces of fixings to get them ready for production but they are so close! Wouldn't you want this cuddly cat? I may be more of a dog person by nature but I can't help but love this Cat with a tea-tag tail. 

One of the goals of the Alphabet Superset is to get into practice the idea that repetition, completing similar tasks with guidelines and restraints helps to blossom creativity and productivity. It's really a practical application of "Wax on, Wax off" but for the creative process instead of muscles. 

Chammy is available as an adult shirt, kids shirt, sticker, part of the Brew Boos Cell phone case, and as a companion to Layla Latte

This has been entry K for the Alphabet Superset using The Karate Kid as our 80s reference. Only one quote this time, but better one than none!

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