on a black background the text reads "J is for Jewelry?" and includes an earring of boomer the shark and an earring of KitTea the Tea Cat with the image tags for boom shark designs and the alphabet superset.

J is for Jewelry?!



Why am I yelling? It isn't even ready yet!! However, this is a moment a long time in the making. Way back in the earliest days of Boom Shark (you know, ALL the way back in May), we were talking to friends about the store and about the first run of designs. Angela suggested that if we had earrings, she would buy them all. She loves big statement earrings and fun images. Thus began the research process for finding a perfect way to translate our characters into earring dangles. Then several more people told us that earrings would be amazing. I wrung my hands because all of the ways I saw didn't live up to the standard I wanted for our shop. But then, I discovered a way to put it onto acrylic. The idea finally started to become a reality just this week! A whole new world of ideas is flowing but two options will filter into the store starting sometime in early December, keep your eyes open and your wallets ready for these amazing pieces to enter into your life and style. If you like them, let me know. If you want another design to make it's appearance as accessories for your ears, let me know! 

This has been my entry for J for the Alphabet Superset created by struthless. The design was inspired by 80s Janet Jackson. 

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