G is for Great Gifts

G is for Great Gifts

Our amazing daughter's birthday is coming right around the corner and Shawn wanted to do something special from Boom Shark Designs. It was going to be a challenge because her request was a rainbow cheetah butterfly unicorn. We had to be sure she was serious, but "I'm always serious" was the chosen reply. But we 'aint afraid of no' challenge. "No job is too big." So the mission became to create a rainbow cheetah butterfly unicorn. I have to say, he did a wonderful job. If you want a chance to get a secret copy of this shirt - Here - is your only link to it. 

If you're thinking about a custom product for a gift, think of us. Although, I think a Boom Shark Hat is the perfect gift for any fall or winter occasion. If you're already thinking about Christmas gifts, then you might want to think about the cutest and newest series we're embarking on - the Cubic Zoo. The first installment is the amazing axolotl. Check out the Tee! It's as if you had your own in an aquarium without the wet. You don't have to worry about being slimed. 

That's it for this week. Check out our hidden secret shirt, get an early start on your Christmas shopping, and remember - DON'T CROSS THE STREAM!! This has been an Alphabet Superset entry for letter G, for Great Gifts and Ghostbusters, the 1984 classic film that is so full of quotable moments I can't even pretend I covered enough to matter. Alas, at the end of the day all we can say is "That's a big Twinkie!" 

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