Alfie Rotterman - Rotting Away at the Gym

Alfie Rotterman - Rotting Away at the Gym

Alfie Rotterman knows the key bulking up is persistence. He knows this so well, in fact, that he hits the gym 24/7. He's always pushing iron up, down, left, and right in an effort to increase the size of his pecs, delts, biceps, and lats; but he usually avoids leg day. Alfie limits his diet to just protein, usually from a fellow lifter...whatever it takes in his never-ending pursuit of GAAAAAINS... 

The details of Alfie are really what make him great - the missing leg replaced by a weight, the arm being snapped off mid lift, or that he is still smiling through it all because of his love of gains. Again, our working dead zombies are hard at work, though few could call the profession of weight lifting and body building their own, you may know a gym bro, sis, or sib who would love to sport this sporty zombie. Available solo in sticker and t-shirt form or as part of the collection on the Working Dead Cell Phone Case. 

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