A is for Accessories

A is for Accessories

A is also for Ancient History - let me tell you a backstory regarding the blossoming of Boom Shark Designs. Shawn would much rather throw his work away than put it on display. He told me that once, he threw all of his paintings from college out in a dumpster during move-out time. Not wanting to lose that work, his mom went out and had to retrieve as much as she could from the bin to keep any of his paintings. He believes his art is never good enough; he never sees it as something with value. Despite being one of the most intelligent people I know, he can't see through to the truth.

Shawn is not alone in those feelings. I know it well. So do many other artists. Art is a creation that often is a reflection of our own view and our own experience. It is a very vulnerable thing to share. When we started Boom Shark Designs and Shawn opened up about creating all these amusing designs, it was also with great fear and trepidation, and I commend his courage! Making T-shirts became the original goal of Boom Shark Designs at the starting block. Every one of our designs has a T-shirt associated with it. But we're not here to talk about the fantastic T-shirts today but instead about accessories. This is week "A" after all. And our accessories section is where I've gotten to have some fun. I've created some entertaining uses of those designs from the original images. The newest one is the Orange Edition of the Working Dead series. 

The cell phone covers are one of my favorite accessories we offer because I am a klutz. Did you know that the word klutz comes from the Yiddish word for wooden block? It does, so I'm calling myself a blockhead. I digress; my point is that I am not known for holding objects with reliability. I have dropped a lot of things in my life that should not have been dropped - like scientific specimens in glass jars,  museum objects, Holy objects, and, less dramatically, my phone. I'm the reason that cell phone providers might not get a return on their investment regarding the insurance policy of cell phones. I NEED the kind of case that will protect my phone and not just look pretty. Our cases are tough, dual-layer, hard-shell cases that have stood up to my mishandling of the expensive electronic device (my dear pixel 6).  I've been product-testing our cell phone case for four months and still love it. It doesn't show any wear yet! So, if you're feeling ready for Spooky Season -  I wholeheartedly recommend the Orange Edition of the Working Dead series. It includes all of the Working Dead zombies, including the two bonus zombies - the provider and the sergeant. Check it out. 

This is Sarah's submission A for #alphabetsuperset - the header image is inspired by the album art for Armageddon It (1987). Made in Canva, using many of their shapes for use and MS Paint. Stay tuned for more 80s-inspired Boom Shark Product Art. And be on the lookout for the new art from Shawn that will fill the Cube Zoo's menagerie. 

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